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Dec 15

The Gift of Grenade -

Celebrate the holidays by hanging weapons on your tree, because we’re sure the day that’s supposed to celebrate the birth of a man who has the moniker, “The Prince of Peace,” is meant be remembered…

Dec 13

The History of TV by Puppets [SKETCH]

The Obit Dope -

Some people really need some paid time off, so much so that they will go to great lengths to get it. But it doesn’t mean they are smart about it…


Dec 12

Alec Baldwin Mocks Himself on SNL [TV]

Dec 11

When Denim Ruled the Land [RETRO] -

Dec 10

The Best Time Waster Ever [WEB SITE]

Alec Baldwin -

Alec, we love you, but this has not been your week. You got kicked off of plane, had a Twitter meltdown and now Greyhound is mad at you…


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Dec 08

Deck the Gays -

In this chapter of the Daily Dumbass, we explore the overly sensitive nature of humanity and the inability of some its members to properly control children…


Our Five Comedy Album Picks for the Holidays [LIST]

Dec 07

The Internet -

Yup, we’re calling it. The Internet is the biggest dumbass today. Why? Because if an idea spreads quickly then bull shit travels even faster. Take the photo below, for example…